Heatwaves, traffic, and overcrowded beaches are a common sight when experiencing Summer in Malta, but putting those aside, us residents of the Maltese islands don’t have it so bad when compared to our Mediterranean and European neighbours. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well…

The Glorious, Glorious Food

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Delicious ice-creams, mouth-watering BBQ food, refreshing fruit and all the Mediterranean goodness that excels in summer. Festa season also brings a nice addition with the food kiosks, doughnuts and cotton candy. Looking for that extra kick? You can always buy a fresh granita and spike it up with some alcohol or look at some delicious watermelon cocktails that are surprisingly easy to make.

The Crystal Clear Beaches

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Yes, heatwaves are abundant this summer, but what better way to beat the heat than to jump into the refreshingly cool waters? They might be smaller than what you’d typically find in other countries, but you’re less likely to find better quality anywhere else. If you’re looking for something more adventurous, there are plenty of diving spots here on the island.

The Laid-Back Lifestyle

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Finishing work at 5:00pm? You can easily go for a relaxed evening or watch the sunset next to a beach nearby. Summer in Malta means that everyone opens late and nightlife is at its peak; what do you feel like doing? The island has something for everyone on a daily basis with festivals ranging from The Malta Jazz Festival, The Farsons Beer Festival, The Malta Mediterranean Literature Festival and so many more.

The Pretty Cool Venues

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In winter, nightlife reaches its culmination more or less in Paceville, but in summer it’s a whole different story. Party promoters start getting a bit more creative with boat parties, pool parties in cool villas, and secret parties in hidden fields. Afternoon, night and sometimes even morning; the party life in Malta is more than enough to satisfy any party animal’s cravings!

The Smoking Hot Hotties

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Maltese summers tend to attract a lot of tourists and we can understand why. If you’re single and you’re ready to mingle, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to meet some good looking foreigners frequenting the island. If you’re not? Well, there’s nothing wrong with looking and enjoying every aspect of beauty the island has to offer right?

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