Surviving a Morning Wedding

Morning weddings can be quite a feat and I know a thing or two about that; I had precisely seven last year. It is easy to imagine a preferable alternative to a Sunday morning than a wedding, such as spending the day by the pool, at a nice sandy beach or if you’re lucky on a boat. So given that you’re coerced into going to yet another morning wedding, how do you avoid the pitfalls of melting make up, getting a sun stroke and staying fresh whilst socialising in the blistering summer heat?

Here are a few tips on surviving a morning wedding in summer.

Keep cool by drinking water

Try to keep fresh and cool by sipping on a glass of icy cold water with slices of cucumber or lemon. Although many of us are keen on getting our money’s worth; avoid drinking lots of alcohol. If you can’t go without a drink, then make sure you keep count of your intake; the rule of thumb goes that for every glass of alcohol consumed, you need to down a glass of water to avoid that dreaded post-wedding hangover. Realistically, you will probably want to avoid embarrassing situations such making a mess of your expensive outfit, taking a tumble, stepping on the bride’s dress or revealing supposedly confidential info to others. In other words, no one likes being the wedding fool or the funny subject of most post-wedding conversations, so taking a step away from the open bar is your best solution.


I have a very straightforward rule about to what to wear to a morning wedding: keep it classy, light and simple. Go for pastel colours but mix it up with some bright neons. Avoid wearing head-to-toe white unless you want to make it to the top of the bride’s blacklist. Alternatively, head-to-toe black for a morning wedding is a definite no-no for two simple reasons: one, you are not going to a funeral and two, it just isn’t a morning look.

Don’t forget the texture. Anything heavyweight will drag you down and become too unbearable to carry around later on in the day. As for length, I would consider the ideal in knee-length cocktail dresses or midis; trouser pants are a great alternative too, giving you a touch of sophistication. Avoid wearing short dresses and sequins. You are going to a wedding not a go-go disco.

Remember that cracking foundation and smudged mascara, unfortunately, is much more of a common occurrence on a summer morning. Avoid lathering on too much foundation and keep a pocket mirror handy, just in case. Do not forget the most essential Summer Acronym, ladies: SPF! This is just as, if not more, important than applying your make up. We all know the devastating effects of spending too much time in the sun so I am not giving you any more lah-di-dah on the matter.


Up next, those dreaded fascinators and hats, but don’t despair, here’s a quick tip: don’t wear them unless you are comfortable. No wedding host wants unhappy, uncomfortable guests. Jewellery in the morning might also look tacky when it is too sparkly, shiny and chunky, so you should opt for matte jewellery or pearls instead.

Last but not least, don’t forget to enjoy it! This is a celebration after all, and no one knows how to throw a good party as much as the Maltese do.