Secret Santa can be both exciting and terrifying. A budget, coupled with the fact that you might not be aware of the individual’s preferences, creates extra pressure. The following are a few creative, budget-friendly ideas that will help you get in your friend’s good books.

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Herb Plants: Be the Ecological Secret Santa

Whether you are sprinkling oregano on your pizza or including mint in your Maltese ftira, herbs are something that you constantly need at a moment’s notice. While herbs are not particularly expensive, it’s very convenient to grow them yourself. Instead of buying a pot to plant them in, you could put a (clean) can from your recycling bag to good use. Remove the label from the can, decorate it any way you like, fill the can with soil and seeds and you are ready to go!

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Folding Cutlery Set: Be the DIY Secret Santa

A folding cutlery set is ideal for those who love camping, picnics and travelling to exotic locations. A folding cutlery set can also be very useful for work, as it takes up less space in your bag.

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Mug Warmer: Be the Caring Secret Santa

Every office has at least one caffeine addict, one who is always frantically running around leaving behind a half-filled cup of coffee. A USB mug warmer is the perfect solution for these coffee afficionados.

Netflix Subscription: Be the Trendy Secret Santa

Netflix has graced us with some of the best TV series of all time, giving us House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Jessica Jones among others. It also gives access to thousands of films and TV series, making it the ideal gift for the TV addict. With just €9.99 you can purchase a standard subscription for a whole month.

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Power Share: Be the Current Secret Santa

One of the 21st century’s causes for panic is the low battery signal. One solution is this double sided cable charger that allows energy to be transferred from one phone to another. It transfers from a phone with a higher charge, allowing the quasi-dead mobile phone to power up for those few extra hours.

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Bluetooth Speaker: Be the DJ Secret Santa

Mobile phones still cannot exceed the quality of an actual external speaker. The fact that it is so easy to carry around a bluetooth speaker is an added bonus – making it a great addition to any picnic or outdoor activity. A decent Bluetooth speaker gives you a minimum of 4 hours of constant playback at maximum volume.

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Erasable Memo Pad: Be the Environmentally-Conscious Secret Santa

The erasable memo pad is a cool environmentally-friendly gadget that connects to your device via a USB port. It allows you to scribble any quick memos on the pad, and then quickly erase it by using the built-in slider, decreasing the clutter on your desk whilst saving up on papers.

Want to stay even more within your budget? Save some money on wrapping paper by making your own – use brown paper bags and add your personal touch with a piece of ribbon, stamps or stickers.

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