#TBT – The Most Famous Kisses in History


In the good old days of our pre-adolescence, some places in Malta were known for being the dwelling place of young lovers to sit down on a bench and amorously kiss their way through their date. The same could be said for any good old club in Paceville; wherever you lay your eyes you are bound to see two strangers playing tongue twister as a way of making each other’s acquaintance. It is a completely normal thing for us to see and no one thinks anything of it – it is a rite of passage, a tradition, a necessity almost.

However, sometimes, the kiss meant more than the traditional lip-locking you had to do in some garden in Valletta, or a way of getting to know some random stranger in the middle of Havana. It was a sign of defiance, an eye opener, a cultural icon, a record breaker and a representation of the essential bond between two people. Sometimes, a kiss is so much more than just a kiss.

Britney Spears and Madonna

Britney Spears and Madonna

Madonna has taken quite the habit of randomly kissing her accompanying performer on stage with the recent surprise Drake make-out session. However, the coverage of that kiss was nothing compared to the one she planted on Britney Spears back in 2003. Although it was made to look spontaneous and unplanned, Britney’s manager explained time and again how Madonna was very rigid with rehearsals and wanted everything to go smoothly.

Last Photograph Taken of John Lennon

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The photo that was taken a mere ten minutes before Lennon was shot sees a fully dressed Yoko Ono and a starch naked John Lennon. Initially both were meant to be naked but after Ono felt uncomfortable taking her clothes off, they decided on this setting and what a magical decision that was. The couple said it perfectly portrayed the nature of their relationship and Lennon made the photographer promise it would go on the cover page. It did.

Longest Kiss in the World

Longest kiss

The world record for the longest kiss was achieved in Thailand and currently stands for 46 hours, 24 minutes and 9 seconds. The rules were simple: lips could not part, not even for bathroom breaks; in fact, bathroom breaks were monitored and participants were allowed to drink from straws so long as their lips were still touching. Winners won a cash prize of around €3000 and a ring with the value of around €1500. Not the worst thing one could do for money.

World Leaders Don’t Kiss


United Colours of Benetton are known for their provoking AD campaigns and this is no exception. The campaign was based on digitally manipulated images of world leaders kissing as a message against hate, perhaps never more relevant than it is at the moment. The one featuring Pope Benedict was requested to be removed as the Vatican deemed it unacceptable.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

sunday bloody sunday

Marks the first homosexual kiss recorded on the silver screen thanks to a medium-close up shot of Peter Finch and Murray Head kissing in the 1971 movie. It was primarily planned to be an embrace between the two but it turned out to be a lot more.

V-J Day in Times Square

V-J Day in Times Square

Everyone knows about this iconic picture, but what most do not realise is that the guy was actually on a date with another woman (not the one he is smooching), who later became his wife. Many people have claimed that they are the couple in this photo, but forensic studies brought to light the real identities and the strange story accompanying. While on a first date with his wife to be, the joyous news made the young chap kiss the first nurse he saw, only thing was that she was not actually a nurse but a dentist’s assistant. That must have made for one awkward wedding speech.

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