First term of school is finally out and teachers are happily thinking of how they shall be spending the upcoming two weeks of Christmas holidays. Certainly, very few of those who aren’t teachers are happy with this, especially if they must now stick to their restless kid for two weeks without even one day of rest. Given the relatively long spans of holiday periods granted to teachers compared to other professions, the topic is always a disputable one. As a result, we thought of listing the 7 main reasons why teachers in Malta definitely need Christmas holidays.

Teachers Must Catch Up with the Gift List

Thinking of what to buy the whole class for Christmas and what gift to get for the staff room Secret Santa took them almost all December to decide. The pressure of having to stick to low, pre-established budgets and to find some 25 gifts identical to each other is no easy feat. In-nanna, iz-zija and Tessie ta’ Faċċata all deserve a gift, but determining what to get them takes time.


They Deserve a Haircut Once in a While

All the rest of the year is taken. Summer weddings, praċetti and festi leave little room for a decent appointment.  An appointment just after the New Year does the trick. Following the bustling Christmas and New Year, the first week of January brings about empty salons. The added bonus: the chances of meeting a parent or a kid are pretty remote too!


The Car Needs the Good Service it’s been Hoping for Ages

The car is crucial. It’s what allows many of the teachers to get to work on time and leave that grim place as soon as the bell goes off. Tyres, engine oil, air filters and fuel filters all need someone to retain them in good order. The Christmas holidays ought to be the ideal annual appointment to keep the vehicle running smoothly for yet another year.


Teachers must catch up with their social life

With all the corrections and lesson/ notes preparation carried out at home 7 days a week, very little time remains. Thus, the Christmas holidays become an excellent opportunity for teachers to catch up with old friends and ex colleagues. Besides, it’s a joyful enough season to reconnect easily following months of dormant friendships.


They Must Cook Decently Every Now and Then

Going to work, giving private lessons, preparing lessons and handling corrections, conducting household chores and looking after the children end up knocking decent meal preparation off the priority list. Having some free time to prepare a 3 course meal is essential, especially when you’ve invited your extended family and friends over for lunch.


They deserve more Sleep

If school starts early for children, it does for teachers too. They must get to school with enough time to prepare everything for their first lesson and welcome the children in class. Slipping away from the morning rush hour unscathed means leaving at an ungodly hour, when it’s probably still dark and chilly. The Christmas holidays are the perfect  opportunity to get more sleep during some of the coldest mornings of the year.


Teachers Deserve to Get Away From it All- Literally

For teachers, the chances of travelling during winter are slim. Apart from the holidays, they can’t take full days off work to go on vacation, so they cannot really take advantage of flight offers. Their holidays coincide with some of the busiest months for the travelling industry, implying expensive flights and busy cities. Yet, those who manage to travel during the Christmas holidays get to experience what many others are blessed to enjoy by simply booking a couple of days off work whenever they like.


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