Thanksgiving Dinner: The Maltese Way

thanks giving Maltese

Recently, a large number of American holidays and traditions have been adopted by the Maltese. Thanksgiving in the U.S. occurs during the third week of November, and it possibly exceeds the popularity of Christmas. The first celebrations of Thanksgiving are believed to have been around since 1621, when colonists and Native Americans sat down together to share an autumn harvest. While all this history does not apply to Malta, being thankful for what we have is still a good excuse for us to sit down and eat like a horse. Here’s a look at what a Maltese Thanksgiving dinner would look like!

Rabbit is the New Turkey

Americans feast on turkey because it is a wild (delicious) bird that is commonly found in the U.S. In fact, it was probably the wild fowl that was caught for the first Thanksgiving dinner. We don’t see a lot of turkeys running around in Malta, but we do have an abundance of our favourite meat to eat: rabbit. Serve it fried, grilled or in a stew, whatever rocks your boat.

Tomato Sauce is the New Cranberry Sauce

U.S. is a leading producer of cranberries, making the sweet-tasting, crimson, cranberry sauce a staple for every Thanksgiving dinner. What we lack in cranberry production, we have in the produce of our renowned succulent tomatoes that form the basis of most of our delicious sauces. The flavourful tomato sauce would be a great addition to the tasty rabbit.

Il-Pudina tal-Ħobż is the New Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving American dessert consists of yummy, orange pumpkin pies. A Thanksgiving here would probably mean a large dish of our favourite dessert ever: Pudina tal-Ħobż (bread pudding). Some of the main ingredients for it are bread, raisins, cocoa powder and coconut powder. Don’t forget a sprinkling of sesame seeds on top!

Spaghetti bil-Fenek is the New Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Leftover turkey is generally transformed into a scrumptious sandwich the day after. We all know what we’re going to do with our leftovers: Steaming large bowls of spaghetti with rabbit!

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