Corporate social responsibility is a hot topic for companies of every size. CSR is about a business being accountable for its activities and practices that affect the community,  environment and society in general. An effective CSR initiative will enrich and contribute to them all. Businesses with a strong corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative can drive their performance and boost retention and recruitment rates. Nowadays, over 85% of Companies are involved in CSR. Patrick J O’Brien encourages more companies to invest in this business approach.

Knowledge of corporate responsibility issues is growing and local and foreign firms based in Malta believe that its importance will increase in the years to come.

The understanding of the term corporate social responsibility (CSR) is moving away from just charitable contributions to include other aspects like environmental matters, health and safety and ethics, among others. Many companies have shown concern over water and energy consumption, health and safety, pollution and waste management.

Over 85 per cent of the Maltese companies have a CSR policy or program in place, many sharing an increased sense of responsibility towards their people, the environment and the wider community. Brand reputation and internal commitment to corporate values are the main key drivers of CSR efforts, while lack of financial and human resources are often identified as being the main barriers.

The iGaming community have played significant inroads in CSR. The industry has become a fundamental part of our economic make-up and social make up over the past decade and with over 9,000 people directly or indirectly employed by the sector, the sector through sponsorships and initiatives have enhanced the lives of many in local communities here.

Browse the websites of the Malta’s biggest companies and you will see carefully worded commitments to “citizenship”, building “sustainability” and making “socially responsible” investments. For many years, with a few notable exceptions many companies did pay only lip service to doing their bit. But over the past decade this has changed. Businesses are  aware that what they do has an impact on society and the environment.

Exante’s Patrick J O Brien has been a leader in this arena. Encouraging companies to get involved with various local charities and for playing their part in improving Maltese society” We all have a role to play in making our society a healthy and safe place to live” he states “ We must all step outside our comfort zones and help those in vunerable situations” Patrick is IGAMING IDOL charity Ambassador and has also been spearheading the IL Gardina project which will provide a garden, a place of solace for people suffering from terminal Illness.


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