Herminas Reea Brand, a specialised
brand in haute couture dresses, is
all about luxury, confidence, and
empowerment to women. The brand
has recently released the ‘Butterfly
Effect’ collection which exudes
class, elegance, and finesse. The
collection was presented in Athens
Xclusive Designer Week (AXDW23) and
Mercedes Benz Malta Fashion Week

The collection contains many gorgeous and transparent
dresses with corsets in nude, blue, and grey, one more
beautiful than the other. The collection is inspired by the
contemporary woman who believes in the beauty and
the powerful symbolism of the butterfly, which tell us
that small causes can have larger effects. Change and
transformation itself are natural processes which should
highlight our lives.


The ‘Butterfly Effect’ collection is a very sensual and
feminine one. The female body is highlighted through
the use of fitted designs and high-quality fabrics. Lace
detailing, ruffles, stones, beads, taffeta, tulle, and intricate
detailing feature within the collection, to accentuate a
woman’s mystery and innocence. The combination of
colours, details, and materials – all together bring flair,
drama, and a refined sensuality simultaneously.
For more information visit www.HerminasReea.com

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