Together since 2010, The Crowns are not new to the local music scene and are well-known for their energetic live performances and contemporary sound. In 2013, The Crowns released their debut album, ‘Someone Else’, which produced five chart topping singles and a Christmas themed song. It landed the band with nominations such as ‘Best Artist’ and ‘Best Album’. The Crowns is composed of Victorio Gauci (Vocalist), Gianluca Cappitta (Rhythm guitar), Giuseppe Pecci (Lead Guitar), Chris Ciantar (Bass Guitar) and Luke Vella Clark (Drums).

  • How did the band come together and how long ago was that?
    Gianluca Cappitta, our rhythm guitarist, had already met all the members separately. He has known Chris Ciantar (bassist) since primary school. He also knew Luke Vella Clark (the drummer) through work. The three of them came together for a musical project which did not last long. Shortly after, Victorio Gauci (the frontman) approached Gianluca to tell him he was interested in starting a band, which was very convenient for Gianluca at the time. Victorio approached Luke and Chris who both quickly accepted the preposition. Gianluca tied up all the loose ends around February 2010. Around a year and a half later, the band realised the need for a keyboard sound and Jean Paul Mollicone (a school friend of Gianluca and Chris) was recruited.
  • What’s the significance of the band name?
    When the band was still in its early days, we started rehearsing at the Sacro Cuor band club in Sliema. Soon after we started to gain momentum and booked a few gigs. At this point, the band needed a name, so we started coming up with ideas – some were okay, but some were just funny. We seemed to be getting nowhere until we noticed that on the marble floor of the room we used to play in, there was the big logo of the band club with a large crown on top of it to signify Our Lady. The band thought that ‘The Crowns’, as a band name, sounded cool – and let’s face it, it was definitely better than all the ideas we had jotted down on paper In the first place.
  • Could you explain what The Crowns stand for

    Through our music, we generally express the meaningful experiences we’ve been through. We aim to sound modern whilst still retaining the classic sounds that inspired us when we were young. What we love doing the most is playing live and showing everyone a good time.
  • How do you guys think you have grown as artists
    since the release of your album Someone Else?

    Times change and so do we. We have all gone through changes in our personal lives, as well as with each other. This can be heard in our new music. When taking into consideration that our debut album was released in 2013 and mainly written and recorded in 2012 – six years ago we believe to have evolved and matured both in terms of song writing and musical composition since then. Not to mention that two years ago we had a change in lineup, where Jean Paul was replaced with Giuseppe Pecci on guitars. This change has had the largest impact on our sound as well as the feel of our songs.
  • When should we expect another full album?
    Our next album is currently in the works. We should be releasing it mid-2019.
  • Who are your musical influences overall?
    We’ve had many influences throughout the years. Inspiration comes from bands like Coldplay, the Killers, Kings of Leon, Imagine Dragons, and Linkin Park…the list goes on and on.
  • What is your favourite song to perform live?
    We enjoy playing all our original music live, but the one that always wins has to be Mary Jane. However, our first single, Memories, comes a close second. This song remains a regular on our set lists to this day.
  • What’s the craziest thing that’s happened during a gig?
    Eight years have brought a lot of stories with them. Many of these memories are funny and even infuriating. The ones that stick out most where when we lost all lighting on sage and when Victorio attempted to impress the crowd with his acrobatics and fell flat on his back during a performance. Kudos to Vic for continuing with the song… legend!
  • What is the creative process like when writing a song?
    The process of writing songs is not always the same. Normally, we start off with a guitar riff or a groove. The rest of the band then fills in the blanks, tweaking things along the way. Sometimes, a song is born out of fooling around during rehearsals or even from a new instrument/toy.
  • What does the next year look like for you guys?
    If all goes according to plan, we are expecting to have quite a busy year promoting the release of our new album, whilst doing our thing on stage as well as on the radios and online. We would also like to experience a week or two of playing abroad in some decent venues. We have a lot of ideas, and we’re just very excited about the prospect of putting them into practice.