Island living really is a lifestyle that everyone needs to
experience at some point in their lives. Being surrounded by
the sea and immersed in ancient traditions, both of which
fascinate visitors from all over the globe, creates a truly
special environment. In fact, Sicily isn’t just an island, it’s
more like a mini continent with its 3000 years of history
and art, stories and mythology, human warmth, contrasting
colours, and endless miles of unspoilt natural beauty. It’s
also a geologist’s dream, where the black of the volcanic
earth blends with the pearly whites of the salt pans and
utterly spectacular selection of mountains.
In Sicily history, sea, culture, fun, and relaxation can all be
easily found and enjoyed, however, the exceptional cuisine
is what really stands out, most of which is created by simple
recipes from the ancient times, bursting with intense
flavours provided by the terrain.

For the perfect Sicilian style summer lunch we highly
recommend trying out the following recipes which are
guaranteed to amaze your guests:

Pasta with Trapanese pesto was traditionally a
peasant’s dish, a typical recipe from the province of
Trapani. It’s a variation of the typical Genoese pesto
that the Genoese introduced to the people of Trapani,
when the ships of Geona stopped in the Sicilian ports
on the return journey from their travels in the east. The
Trapanese modified the recipe to suit their palette by
adding typical regional ingredients such as almonds and

Palermo market

In Sicilian dialect this dish is called “pasta cull’àgghia”,
which simply translates to garlic pasta, and can be
either eaten hot or cold. It is normally served with
fried aubergines or potatoes, making it particularly
appreciated by vegetarians. It can be prepared with
many variants of long pasta, including spaghetti,
linguine, or bucatini however, in Sicily it is served with
“busiati”, a long, corkscrew-shaped traditional Sicilian

Italian food


1. Cook the tomatoes for a few
minutes in boiling water,
drain and let them cool.
2. When cool, peel them and
put them in a blender.
3. Add the basil, almonds,
garlic, and oil and blend to
obtain an even mixture.
4. Add the pecorino.
5. Cook the spaghetti “al
dente”, drain and serve with
3 spoons of pesto.

Wine recommendation:
Pair the dish with a glass of Nerello Mascalese Rosato,
a native vine found on the slopes of Etna. Nerello has
a distinct tingle of acidity with a rustic earthiness, due
to the volcanic land and with its balanced tannin and
fruitiness, it’s the ideal accompaniment for your Sicilian
pasta, which is now ready to be tasted!



Sicilian swordfish is a recipe that’s so easy to prepare,
making it the perfect summer lunch after spending
time at the beach. The staple ingredients of tomatoes,
capers, and olives will be easily sourced locally, then just
add a little seasoning and you’re done!



1. Heat up a frying pan
with the oil, garlic, and
2. Add the capers and
olives then fry for a few
3. Add the tomato sauce
with a dash of salt and
pepper, and cook for
about 10 minutes on low
4. Add the swordfish slices
and continue cooking
for another 15 minutes.

Wine recommendation:
Pair this platter with a glass of Inzolia, a Sicilian wine
characterised by its citrusy and herbal Mediterranean
notes that perfectly match this delightful dish. Buon


Jacle Roi

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