Jewellery is a reflection of who you are; the pieces
you choose and the way
you wear them, gives a
little insight into your story

Interview with Krystle Penza,Owner of MvintageThe local fashion industry has another feather in its cap thanks to the amazing talent of Krystle Penza. Her handcrafted jewellery under the brand Mvintage is bold, fresh and compelling, with a focus on timeless beauty. Irrespective of the jewellery’s theme, each of Krystle’s creations emphasize her desire to “make something interesting and innovative”. Since the launch of her very first pieces, Krystle’s work has literally taken the market by storm, with interest also from the international market. We sat down with Krystle to discuss the ethos behind the Mvintage brand, her source of inspiration for her collections and her secret to juggle a successful business and a personal life.

How did it all start?

Mvintage started as a pipe dream. I’ve always been surrounded by strong women pushing me to achieve my dreams and reach my potential. My daughter’s birth spurred me on to set an example for her; by applying will power and determination, I wanted to show her that anyone’s dreams could transpire. As a result, Mvintage was started on the basis of honouring the women in my life, which in turn transformed into a community dedicated to celebrating and empowering women from all walks of life.

Why jewellery?

Because the power of jewellery is underestimated. It is transformative; with the ability to change your disposition and alter your confidence. Regardless of whether you’re
wearing a basic t-shirt or an elegant outfit, throwing on a few key pieces has the power to elevate your spirit, as well as your look. Jewellery is a reflection of who you are; the pieces you choose and the way you wear them, gives a little insight into your story. Mvintage jewellery is more than just metal and stone; I use my designs as a means of telling a story, and in doing so, aspire to give women the ability to express themselves and exude confidence. Our pieces are infused with symbolism so that each woman can create her own little narrative with her jewellery.


Tell us about Mvintage.

Mvintage is shaped by three core values; Women, Family and Fashion. We are a fashion brand dedicated to inspiring confidence in women through meaningful designs that celebrate individual stories. As values, Women and Family are inextricably linked; my own
upbringing by a strong mother instilled a vigour in me to pass on that same strength to my daughter. As a result of this, I wanted to create a community she could look up to; illustrating a foundation of success and determination fortified by the might of women. Mvintage was inspired by my family and has become a family within its own right. Fashion comes into play by balancing the wearability of a piece with its significance. Our designs are sleek and dainty, making them timeless pieces that will maintain their trendiness, as well as their meaning.

What does running an international brand entail?

Exporting Mvintage has been challenging to say the least. You need to take calculated risks and adopt the mantra that ‘there are no mistakes, only stepping stones’. Determination and ambition are a must. Apart from a strong will, penetrating the international market demands thoughtful analysis of the brand and its ability to succeed. One needs to ensure the brand has the optimal marketing effort; from the product to the price, the location and promotion. With the market being saturated, international competition is intense, therefore we need to guarantee Mvintage’s ability to stand by established brands, and be a competitor within its own right.

You are a wife, a mum and an entrepreneur. How do you create a perfect balance between them?

It’s difficult to maintain a balance, and I don’t always manage to do so. My personal life and work are intertwined and often overlap; my husband works alongside me and my daughter is a very active presence at the office. In this sense our core value of Family becomes quite literal, with my own family being such a significant part of Mvintage. I appreciate the fact that my family is by my side through my journey with the brand; my
daughter has grown up seeing my dreams come true every day, and I am truly grateful to be able to illustrate the effects of a determined spirit to her. That being said everyone requires time to unwind. I make it a point to strike a balance when possible by taking time away from Mvintage and spending it with my family; whether its at home, out and about or on a holiday, their time is precious and I make sure to direct the attention required.

What’s next on your agenda?

I don’t want to reveal too much but there are exciting things on the horizon. Our first step is to set up the official Mvintage HQ this year; an overdue dream in the making. Consequently, we shall be opening more stores locally and franchising overseas. After this we’re looking to set up operations internationally and keep improving our online efficiency, with new markets in mind.

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