After two months characterised by constant ‘new’ bouts of heatwaves to a point where you actually question when one ends and another one begins; one cannot help but look forward to those frosty, peaceful, refreshing & beautiful, wintery days and nights. Here’s a list of things we’re desperately missing about winter:

That Morning Bedroom Chill

boy, bed, bedsheet

That glorious chill that feels as though it’s cutting through your bones the moment you convince yourself that it’s time to stumble out of bed.  The same chill that makes you question your judgement and hate your 8am meeting or lecture. But you’re still grateful your day doesn’t start off as a sweaty nightmare in hell.

Watching Impressive Thunderstorms

thunderstorm, buildings

Appreciating Mother Nature’s wild and fiery side as you witness what you swear to be the harshest, most ferocious and unexpected thunderstorm yet; from a cosy spot on the sofa in front of a crackling fire halfway through your midnight cuppa.

Hugs and Physical Contact

man, woman, hug

Being a season mostly associated with liberty and freedom, late nights, fun and laughter; physical contact, as an essential element in human relations, seems to be evidently missing.  Who doesn’t miss those fuzzy heart-warming hugs and cuddles at the end of a cold, wet, winter night?  We’re definitely not keen on receiving constant sticky hugs.  Nobody likes stinky sweaty armpits brushing over their bare clean shoulders.

Warm Woollen Clothing

Sweat, girl, cuddle

The heart-warming feeling you get the minute you slip into your favourite woollen jumper.  Probably the one you bought together with three similar ones at a great bargain from Primark.  Just because we don’t experience snowfall in Malta doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cold enough.  The frosty, humid winter chill that slaps you in the face each and every morning is a constant battle fought by donning as many layers as humanly possible.

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