BRIAN GRECH-VIDA MagazineThe details captured in a plate, the perfectly timed snapshot of busy mundane life and the messages behind a still life image have earned Brian Grech a reputation as one of Malta’s best talents in the photographic industry. His bold and intriguing photographic vision is the result of a mixture of classic and contemporary styles, inspired by his surroundings and his frequent travels. His photographs are elegant, sophisticated and with a touch of timeless quality, highlighted by the perfection of imperfection and the beauty in every element that surrounds us. Brian Grech shared with us his love for photography, his photographic view of Malta, and his plans for the future.


What attracted you to photography?

There was something in photography which captured my interest from a very young age. I was always fascinated by the fact that photography had the power to capture or create a moment and pass that emotion on to the viewer.

How would you define your style?

When I started out people recognised a ‘chiaro/scuro’ effect in my photos, which I feel is still my forte and has been fine-tuned over the years. Detail is also very important to me in every photo, whether it’s fashion, interiors, food or other inanimate objects.


Why do you feel that “Art and photography can show beauty as well as educate?”

I believe that exposing people to new things, or bringing their attention to something they wouldn’t look at twice helps to educate, to open people’s minds, to see things differently and possibly remove biases; sometimes triggering off a more philosophical understanding. If art can manage to touch the soul, it has achieved its aim.

In what way does visual imagery have more impact?

We are living in an era where the visual element narrates all, or most of the story. From a commercial point of view, it is the time where companies are investing most in their visual media, because they understand that this is a vital tool to pass on their message and portray their products and services.


Do we at times take photography for granted?

Now more than ever, we live in an era of over-exposure to the medium. However, when a photo has something ‘special’ it still stands out.

In what way is Malta an amazing place for a photographic shoot?

I find that sunlight changes everything, and we are lucky to have plenty of that all year round. Some photographers prefer flat light, such as that found in cities like London,
which tends to be mostly cloudy and overcast. I prefer strong light that’s full of energy.


Are there any particular details you look for in a place or a face?

I find beauty in imperfection. When things are too perfect they bore me. I also tend to prefer ‘alternative beauty’ and although the notion of beauty is quite universal, it makes
people think or question their ‘safe beliefs’.

What makes people so interesting to photograph?

For me it’s facial expressions, emotions in the eyes and body language.


How does spring exalt your photographic lens?

Spring brings everything back to life. Apart from the brighter light around, I tend to be better motivated and look forward to capturing more than I do in winter… I’m not a winter person at all… I find the winter months depressing even though these can have their own beauty.

What’s next for Brian Grech?

I’m hoping to find more time to endorse some personal photographic projects this year. This tends to be a challenge every year with my busy schedule, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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