Why Throwing a House Party this NYE is a Good Idea

house party NYE

Planning for the two biggest nights of the year is probably well underway for many. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve call for that edgy evening, a flashy dress and a night of celebration. Christmas Eve might not be that problematic. Quddiesa ta’ nofsillejl and a satisfying early morning breakfast afterwards will do the trick. NYE is more delicate. A champagne-popping countdown celebration is kind of a must, and the more overpriced an event ticket is the better. Though you’ve been there, you’ve done it and you need a change. Is throwing a party at your own house something you’ve been keeping yourself away from for years? The following is why you should give it a try.

It Leaves you with More Money in your Pockets

saving money

Rule Number 1 for a NYE house party: No fancy outfits allowed. Keep it casual!

There’s no need for an irrationally expensive ticket as access to your own house is free of charge. Spending some 20 euro in diesel and a parking ticket and some further 200 euro on a completely new dress/ suit is avoidable too. The car is to be left in the garage or just round the block, and your guests can actually look forward to coming your way. Ample parking will be available as the neighbours start their cars and head to their respective venues.

It is Cosy

house party cosy celebration NYE

Rule Number 2 for a NYE house party: Layer your clothing. It might get too hot in here.

There’s no place as comfy as your own home. It’s where you live, it’s where you spend most of your time and it’s probably not as big as a formal event venue. You’re free to keep all doors and windows shut, you can switch the AC on and off wherever you like and there’s no fear you’ll catch a cold if you remove your jacket or coat. Ah, what about the inconvenient hassle of leaving your belongings at the cloakroom? With a party at home that annoyance is gone. All coats, jackets, umbrellas, wallets, handbags and scarves can all be left on a bed. No numbered tickets will be needed to reclaim your stuff and mixing coats by mistake is next to impossible.

It is Definitely More Filling

NYE party food home

Rule Number 3 for a NYE house party: Get at least one bottle of alcohol with you.

One wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration party demands finger food and a great deal of alcohol. Getting a drink at an open bar on such a night requires a strategic plan. You need to make sure you manage to get the drink in between finger food rotational servings; approach the bar when it’s not terribly busy, and take the plunge well in advance in order to get back to your spot in time for the countdown. At your own house everyone is free to pour their own drink, help themselves to the warm generous warm snacks scattered here and there, and drink at their pleasure.

It is a well-decorated venue 

NYE house party celebration

Rule Number 4 for a NYE house party: Put your lovely Christmas decorations to good use.

Your home is surely well-decorated for the Christmas season by now, might as well put the decoration to some further use. Moreover, a New Year’s Eve celebration would only need some helium numbered balloons that add a magic touch to your sitting room. The basics are already in place and with as little as a 5 euro you secure a party popper for everyone without the need to push and shove their way into trying to get some party popper that would have accidentally slipped someone and fell to the floor.

It Leaves Room for Bonding

friends cheering NYE

Rule Number 5 for a NYE house party: Only Audio. No television. Or else it would turn your guests into a bunch of couch potatoes.

Although it is NYE you’re free to keep background music at a low level. This will allow you to speak to each other appropriately without the need to scream and shriek. Best thing though is that you will not be constrained to listening to music you don’t like. You can prepare the playlist from beforehand whilst discussing it with your guests. Also, someone else could take care of it. Spotify, Pandora and Sound Cloud all have plenty of readymade playlists to save you the hassle.

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