A lot of words have been used to try and describe the flavour of truffles but I got just one; IRRESISTIBLE! Most people tend to be intimidated by cooking with fresh truffles because they always seem to be associated with fancy high-end restaurants, but that’s really not the case! I had been meaning to cook some truffle infused dish for a while so decided to scour the internet for fresh truffles in Malta. I came across a local distributor on Instagram and was immediately sold.

Truffles & Co had everything I wanted, which is a variety of good, fresh Italian products and excellent service. I placed my order and had it delivered to my house within 24 hours, SCORE! It was difficult to choose as they have everything from fresh truffles to truffle oil to truffle crisps, but eventually decided to go for fresh black truffles, mushroom and truffle sauce, and white truffle butter.

Real, fresh truffles have a short shelf life and are more subtle than the fake stuff, so you’ll want to eat them as quickly as you can, in as many simple preparations as possible. The intensely fragrant smell my package had as soon as I opened it made it easy to get my hands on them immediately, and ooh weren’t those truffles a beauty to behold. Then came the fun part; cooking! The simplest and most sought after way to utilise fresh truffles is by adding them to cacio e pepe pasta or carbonara, but as I’ve mentioned before, I always like to go for something out of the ordinary. Sticking to my love for middle eastern cuisine, I decided to make hummus with a twist, adding mushroom and truffle sauce! I thought hummus couldn’t get any better because let’s face it, hummus is gold, but boy was I wrong. Instead of my usual dollop of olive oil on top I scooped up some tasty mushroom and truffles sauce and drizzled it over the hummus (possibly drooling whilst doing so with not one ounce of shame.) It smelled and looked amazing, and indeed it was. My friends and I smeared it on galletti and it was gone in a couple of minutes.

Sold yet? There’s more! I obviously had to try out the white truffle butter and fresh truffles too. I wanted to go for something simple yet satisfying, so I decided to make white butter toasted crostini with ricotta spread and a generous amount of fresh truffle shaving on top. Oh geez, I’m craving biting into them again just thinking about them. They were heavenly and complimented the hummus perfectly! The fresh truffles weren’t as overpowering as I thought they would be, as that seems to be everybody’s perception of them. The combination of flavours was super well balanced and I can’t wait to make more truffle tapas ASAP!

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