The one saint, also dubbed father of Christian Malta, who definitely prides himself on his fair share of presence in Malta’s everyday life is definitely San Pawl (St. Paul). The popular shipwreck is believed to have happened almost 2000 years ago, and that the Maltese were very courteous towards the men on board, but what would happen if San Pawl were to return in this day and age?

He would Start by Visiting St Paul’s Bay

The saint would soon realise that a statue commemorating his shipwreck has been erected on the little isles, and that a whole town, actually the biggest in the Northern Region, carries his name.

The view from St.Paul’s bay

Attend Mass at the San Pawl tal-Ħġejjeġ Sanctuary

Finding his way around to return to the same spot where the popular bonfire was lit could be a different task indeed for the saint. However, searching for the St Paul Shipwreck Chapel would facilitate things, and having him give a sermon himself isn’t an everyday thing either!

Quench his thirst Naturally

He might be on an island with a good number of supermarkets that distribute free bottles of water to all those who happen to simply spend some tens of euro at their place, but that should not discourage him from returning to Għajn Rażul, Apostle’s spring, where he is said to have made the water come forth to baptise the first Christians. Another statue of his good self should remind him that this is truly his island.

St Paul, Għajn Rażul, water, baptism
San Pawl is said to have baptised the first Christians with water from Għajn Rażul.

Get a property in San Pawl tat-Tarġa

This hamlet, part of the village of Naxxar, is particularly made up of luxurious, spacious villas and bungalows, but the best thing is that it bears his name. So what better place to lay his hands on a property than San Pawl tat-Tarġa?

Take a Cultural tour around Rabat and Valletta

He might not want to return to the cave that housed him for three months after the wreck, especially if he has now gotten used to the 21st century way of living,  but he could squeeze it in as part of his cultural tour around Rabat, where he could find St Paul’s Collegiate Parish Church, visit St Paul’s band Club, have a drink or two with the Żgħażagħ Rabtin Pawlini and attend another mass at the majestic Metropolitan Cathedral of St Paul. Also, a quick visit to Valletta is a must due to the Collegiate Parish Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck and the treasured relic of a fragment of St Paul’s right wrist bone. Not to mention the Għaqda tal-Pawlini.

St Paul, San Paw, Grotta, Rabat
St Paul’s Parish Church and Grotto in Rabat

Give Talks to our Youngsters

Doesn’t attending a school dedicated to someone you definitely stand no chance of meeting make things a little bit monotonous? Students at St Paul’s Primary School and St Paul’s Missionary College would surely approve of having San Pawl over.

And Bring it to an End by Chatting with all Malta’s Pauls

San Pawl has certainly been on everyone’s mind for centuries now, so much so that many of our men are called Paul: Paul Coleiro. Pawlu Saliba. Paula Micallef. Pauline Sultana. You name it. And if that wasn’t enough, he even features in a popular idiom that goes like Għażżien daqs is-Sejf ta’ San Pawl (Lazy as St Paul’s Sword).

St Paul, San Pawl, Confused, Malta
San Pawl would certainly get confused over the many Pauls in Malta

San Pawl would definitely feel at home here, just like the first time. Don’t you think?

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