Women steal more than just your heart


Ahoy Matey! It’s September 19th, the International Talk like a Pirate Day. Did you know that? No? Well, jump on board and avast ye! Did you get that one? It means pay attention! The coming facts will shiver you timbers!

Bad luck


Like in many other professions back in the day, female workers were believed to bring bad luck. In the world of pirates, this was no exception. Daring women had to disguise themselves as men, whilst others remain pretty remarkable for their bravery, to the extent that they have been mentioned in official piracy documents. Anne Bonny and Mary Reed are both a case in point. Blimey!

As grim as their male counterparts


Anne Bonny is most probably the most renowned female pirate in history, and being gorgeous and wise does not make her less dangerous than the threatening males. Ching shih, a popular female pirate from China, ended up commanding a feared fleet of pirates. Not all women scuttle ships, you see!

The film industry is an accomplice


Pirates of the Caribbean is most probably the most prominent contemporary pirate movie, with Elizabeth Swann and Angelica Teach grabbing our primary attention. Although Swann seems to be kinder at heart than Teach: a dangerous master of disguises, both women are good looking to the extent that their charm attracts Captain Jack Sparrow.



Private and public theme parties have nowadays become the order of the day in the world of entertainment, but here we’re referring to official international festivals promoted worldwide. The festivals of Pirates and Corsairs, held in l’Estartit (province of Girona, Spain), occurs during the weekend and is home to thematic workshops, street performances, tours and other recreational activities that help everyone there become better acquainted with the world of pirates. Yo-ho-ho, a pirate’s life for them!

Pirates are taking over Malta


Understandably, given the geologic nature of Malta, the island is not short of piracy-themed events. Way back in June, Marsascala welcomed a Pirate Gathering characterised by a typical treasure market and food stalls, with people dressing up according to the theme. In addition “one of Europe’s craziest parties” happens on Maltese shores, specifically on a boat, with all inclusive cocktails, fresh fruit and snacks. The Lazy Pirate Boat Party surely comes at a time when pirates, in contrast to the golden age way back in the 18th century, afford to be lazy and inactive, free of their hand grenades and cutlasses. Can you really imagine an actual pirate in a bikini? Blow the man down!

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